Rome Summer Visit

Via Margutta, Roma, � MS&SB, August 2015

Before heading north to Tuscany, we've decided to spend a few days in Rome. In the scorching heat of the Roman summer, Via Margutta is so tranquil and charming.

Castel Sant'Angelo, Roma, � MS&SB, August 2015

Across the Tiber, Castel Sant'Angelo: Emperor Hadrian's mausoleum turned into papal fortress.

Pantheon, Roma, � MS&SB, August 2015

Every time we come to Rome, we are always drawn to the Pantheon: "temple of every god" initiated by Agrippa, completed by Hadrian. Despite the disheartening mass of tourists pressing their way inside the venerable building armed with selfie sticks, the lofty cupola and the soft light coming from the oculus retain all of their strange fascinating power.

Portrait of Vibia Sabina, Roma, Museo nazionale romano Palazzo M
Portrait of Emperor Hadrian, Roma, Museo nazionale romano Palazz

At the Museo Nazionale Romano in Palazzo Massimo, the busts of Emperor Hadrian and his wife Vibia Sabina.

Monumento a Cola di Rienzo, Roma, � MS&SB, August 2015
Monumento a Cola di Rienzo, Roma, � MS&SB, August 2015

On our way up the Capitoline Hill to the Palazzo dei Conservatori, we pass the 19th-century bronze statue of Cola di Rienzo (1313-1354): the unique and tragic story of this man – who in the chaos of medieval Rome, as tribune of the people, wanted to restore the grandeur and authority of the antique city and set up a new Roman Empire– has kept me wondering for years.