"Quercione delle Checche" by D. Bollinger

  Quercione delle Checche , 2012 by Dominique Bollinger

Quercione delle Checche, 2012 by Dominique Bollinger

In San Quirico d'Orcia we visited French photographer Dominique Bollinger's gallery and bought this black-and-white picture of the so-called "Quercione (or Quercia) delle Checche". For years, we have been driving almost daily past this monumental oak tree while on holidays in Val d'Orcia, each time admiring its imposing presence. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2014 it lost one of its huge branches (broken by careless climbers), and with it part of the spectacular beauty it had acquired over 360 years and still had – intact – at the time of the photo was taken.