Palio in Siena: "Cappotto" for Lupa

As we arrived in Siena in the evening, Lupa was celebrating its double victory in both the 2 July and 16 August Palio races – what is known here as "cappotto" –, triumphantly carrying the two freshly-won banners round the Campo.

"Cappotto": double Palio victory for Lupa, Siena #1608-i052

The joy of this double victory was all the more deeply felt by the contradaioli since Lupa hadn’t won a single Palio for 27 years, which had made it the “nonna” (lit. grandmother) of Siena’s 17 contrade

"Cappotto": double Palio victory for Lupa, Siena #1608-i049

Lupa won both races with the same horse and same jockey, which hadn’t happened to any contrada in Siena since 1933.